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Tools for Adult Learning Aren’t All Tech

Tools for Adult Learning Aren’t All Tech

Adult Ed just recently finished its second session and has launched into its third. The program has been making the best of remote learning using Zoom classes, supplemented by online learning software. But that doesn’t mean that all the learning is high-tech!

First off, the foundation for learning is literacy, and Hope still relies on the Old Faithful of learning tools: regular paper books and textbooks. Most Fridays, Director of Adult Education Stephanie King can be found driving around Philly making socially-distanced drop-offs of the newest textbook, historical novels, or short story collections that students will be working on in their classes.

The Adult Ed program is also still using regular low-tech tools of the trade: writing on whiteboards, having students use index cards, and supplying learners with manipulatives that can enhance their learning. Math Instructor Diane Barr is using tiles to represent variables and constants, helping students learn everything from how to count a tens frame at the lower levels to how to represent and solve algebra problems and equations at the higher levels. The social studies instructor is still using the same maps she used in her classroom, just on PowerPoint with a shared screen. Reading Instructor Christa McGlynn sends word tiles and Bananagrams to students to work on their vocabulary and spelling skills.

While it’s important to keep innovating – and innovation has been the key to success during the pandemic – that doesn’t mean the old ways have lost their shine. The Adult Ed program will keep mixing it up, however necessary, to succeed in reaching students!

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