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Graduate Support Update

Graduate Support Update

In Philadelphia, the high school application process is similar to applying to college. These days, high school applications can include a personal essay, “shadow” days, multiple interviews, and of course, entrance exams. If you are overwhelmed by all of this, imagine how eighth graders feel!

The high school application process is challenging to begin with; however, this school year, COVID-19 has added another layer of difficulty. Due to the pandemic, eighth graders have not been able to visit high schools in person. Additionally, they were unable to attend the annual ‘Great Philly Schools High School Fair’ which has been a pivotal step for student’s journey through the application process and their decisions on selecting which schools fit their needs and goals best. Without the fair, eighth graders did not get to meet their potential teachers or experience the realities of high school classes. Deciding to apply to a school you have never been to, have limited experience with, is a difficult decision, especially for an eighth grader navigating the rest of adolescent struggles.

Despite these challenges, the eighth grade class has prevailed! The Hope Partnership Graduate Support Program is proud to say that our eighth graders are having an incredibly successful year and fighting back against COVID!

Already, 75% of Hope’s Class of 2021 have been accepted into a Special Admissions Public High Schools – this is the highest percentage of any class to date! The Class of 2021 should be congratulated for this notable accomplishment, especially since it was accomplished during a pandemic – a compounding feat.

Another impressive achievement was made by Raheem P.! Raheem was accepted with an academic scholarship to Neumann Goretti Catholic High School. Other members of the eighth-grade class have been accepted to phenomenal schools such as Cristo Rey, Little Flower Catholic High School, Bodine High School for International Affairs, and Parkway Center City Middle College.

We are confident that the challenges facing the Class of 2021 will make them stronger as our students are developing a true awareness that they are capable of facing extraordinary obstacles. This group of intelligent students will continue to matriculate greatness during their high school years!

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