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Hope in 2021

Hope in 2021

From S. Rose Martin

Where to situate Hope in 2021 is the challenge facing all of us as we close out 2020 and look toward the future. My vantage point revolves around the resiliency and kindness of our students and teachers.

Some words from our middle schoolers are more than instructive. The following is a 7th grader’s response to an assignment to write a thank you note to yourself:

“I am so proud of you and how far you’ve come. I know that you sometimes have your days but remember just try your best and work through it. Do your work and I can see you are really going far in life. I am glad that you have been taking care of yourself mentally and physically. Being locked in the house can really do something to someone but you have stayed strong through these tough times. I am extremely happy that you have been working out, stretching, doing yoga and trying to eat and be healthy. Keep up the amazing work and thank you.”

Never underestimate the power of parents and dedicated teachers to evoke these kinds of sentiments. How about a thank you note to yourself for something you’ve done during these past nine months?

The story in this e-newsletter about Hope’s alumni offering their hard-won high school expertise to the current eighth graders validates the work we’re doing and the work that you’re supporting. There’s nothing better than to hear your own advice repeated by those you’ve taught or influenced. Those of you who are parents and grandparents know that feeling.

Finally, one of the unanticipated triumphs of remote teaching and learning has been the response of our adult students. It’s difficult to over-estimate the value of a good education and most of our adults are battling the results of not receiving that in their youth. The work that they’re doing during this pandemic provides both meaning and satisfaction for both the students and all of us who take such delight in their progress.

So, one place that Hope rests is in reading, writing, relating, thinking, questioning, and learning – done in the spirit of our core values of respect, compassion, hospitality, joy, and hope. No matter what 2021 brings, these activities and values will endure.

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