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Hope Alumni Update

Hope Alumni Update

While COVID has disrupted many things, high school placement and admissions continues.  Each Thursday, Ms. Holiday and Ms. Fox, together, hold a High School Placement class covering topics that prepare our Hope students for their transition into high school.  So far this year, they have completed and reviewed high school essays, covered the application process, hosted testing a session thanks to Neumann Goretti HS, and have practiced their interview skills.

Although these classes are vital and “connections” are harder to establish, it is important for our 8th graders to hear from other high school students about their experiences as well.  Since September, our Graduate Support Team has invited alumni to speak to the current 8th graders at Hope.   This time allows for our students to ask questions about the reality of the transition from those with a recent firsthand experience.

Hope alumni from our class of 2018, Sophomores Qaasim Major (N.Goretti), Yasir Williams (N. Goretti), and Khasir Allen (Bodine HS), spoke on their experiences as student athletes and their involvement with community service activities.  They talked about how they also support each other academically by studying together and reminding each other about the importance of staying focused.  These ambitious young men have been friends since they joined the Hope family in the 5th grade.  All three received honor roll this last marking period and cheered each other on as they shared their grades with the 8th grade students.  Even in a virtual world, their support and celebrations were heard all over.

Temple University Junior, Nahseem Moody, a member of the graduating Hope Class of 2013, also dropped in on the zoom class to share his experience.  He spoke about attending Roman Catholic High School as well as becoming the first in his family to attend college.  Currently, Nahseem is studying Finance and he used his gathered knowledge to provide the younger students with a quick lesson on budgeting.  Moreover, he offered advice on building relationships with teachers and the value of self-discipline – “Take advantage of every opportunity given to you. Hope and your teachers are here to support you. Remember that.”

We are so thankful for our alumni and their willingness to speak with our 8th graders. We can’t wait to see our where our students from Class of 2021 will end up, and we look forward to the day swhen they come back as “alumni” to speak with future Hope students.

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