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Holiday Assistance Tradition Survives – Even Now

Holiday Assistance Tradition Survives – Even Now

A Hope tradition – that has lasted 19 years and remains strong, even in the midst of these challenging times – is our annual Thanksgiving and holiday assistance offered to families who need help with food or providing gifts for their children. Through the years, there have been a variety of organizations who have helped Hope families and neighbors, but three stand out. The first, St. Patrick’s Parish in Malvern is our first and most long-standing donor. The second, Perform Rx employees – formerly Keystone Mercy –not only give, but come once or twice a year to offer the kind of service that most people avoid, like pulling weeds or scrubbing steps, or touch up painting. The third long-standing group are the employees of Ernst & Young – also known as EY – whose younger employees initiated this tradition about eight years ago.

One of my favorite amusing memories involves St. Patrick’s first donation. We were just starting out so the families we helped were the people we met in our after school program – the first program that we started in 2002. One St. Patrick’s parishioner, who later became Hope’s board chair, offered to bring everything in his car – a jaguar. The car was so packed that the delivery involved rescuing the frozen turkeys that were rolling down the street when he opened his car door. I never tire of teasing this longtime supporter about that to this day.

We’ve always been grateful for this generous support of Hope Partnership, but the need has probably never been greater than this year. Due to our isolation, it’s difficult to know the circumstances of others but our Fairhill neighborhood has been particularly hard hit by the virus. Our families traditionally are essential workers or work in jobs that have been eliminated because of the pandemic. We are particularly happy to be a conduit for the generosity of others this year. When was Hope ever more important!

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