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The Status of Hope for Fall 2020

The Status of Hope for Fall 2020

We thought that you might be interested in what is happening at Hope Partnership as we begin the 2020-21 school year. Our middle school staff returned on August 25th to begin preparing for a hybrid model of education for 5th through 8th grades, beginning on September 9th. After working with a task force comprised of legal, medical, human resource, and facilities professionals, as well as members of our own staff and consulting with families of our middle school students, we decided to begin cautiously by hosting two grades per day, each two days per week and going all virtual on Fridays.

Our adult education learners will remain virtual for the time being since both the volunteers and many of the learners tend to be in the “mature” age category.

Hope Partnership alumni are welcome to arrive at the building after 3:30 but must reserve their space. This lively group is quite unpredictable; some days we have five students needing assistance and the next day 25! We are currently only able to serve 12 students at any one time.

Our staff and task force decided that this current plan will be evaluated toward the end of each month to determine whether we need to pull back or expand our services.

If our experience of last week – when some of the graduates came for assistance with their summer high school assignments – is any indication, the joy and hospitality of Hope Partnership haven’s succumbed to the pandemic.

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