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A World Famous Cellist Came to Hope

A World Famous Cellist Came to Hope

On June 10, 2014 a man named Derek Menchan came to Hope. He came to Hope for one reason. He came to play the cello. Mr. Menchan is a world famous cellist. He plays all types of music like jazz, classical and pop. He played music composed by Bach and Thelonius Monk, among others.

Mechan GroupMr. Menchan came to Hope at the invitation of Professor Riley. She sponsored him and also paid for his flight and his hotel. She works with him at a college in Florida. She also knows Sister Rose. It was a true privilege to have a famous cellist come to our school. Before Mr. Menchan played the cello for us, he told us a little bit about his life.

The first thing that he talked about was his work as a professor in Florida. Then he started to answer questions from my fellow students. One question was, “Have you ever faced any racism in your career?” He said that he has but he never let that stop him because he said that he doesn’t see people as color he just sees them as people. The last thing he said that inspired me was when he responded to a student who asked if anyone ever tried to discourage him. He said, “If you don’t have haters that means you are not doing something right. If no one criticizes you, you’re not doing enough.” That inspired me to keep doing my best. Now I know that if I have people telling me that I won’t succeed, that means I’m doing it right!

(by Tamir Brooks, Gr.7)

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