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Students Learn About Sustainable Energy with Philly Earth

Students Learn About Sustainable Energy with Philly Earth

A wallet made of playing cards? A pizza box oven? As a part of an eight-week science program with Philly Earth, Hope fifth graders learned that reusing materials is an important part of helping to sustain the planet.Philly Earth Pic

Philly Earth is an organization that enables children and teens to become community sustainability leaders by teaching them permaculture and appropriate technologies. As part of its program with Hope, the organization engaged students with hands-on activities concentrated on the environment.

In addition to the wallet made out of old playing cards and pizza box oven, students reused materials to create new picture frames and learned how to make organic smoothies and seed bombs. They also studied renewable and nonrenewable energy, up-cycling, and organic versus conventional foods.

Philly Earth is sponsored by Hope’s neighbor, The Village of Arts and Humanities. Over the past twenty-five years, this arts and cultural organization located two blocks from Hope Partnership has carried out a broad range of community development programs with an innovative artistic focus. It also welcomed Hope with open arms to the community.

Philly Earth seeks to foster a sustainable co-existence between humans and their natural environment by highlighting how to use renewable energy. The students have enjoyed the program so far and are looking forward to what is to come.

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