Our Neighborhood Community

“Just call us the Community of Lost Hope.”
Neighborhood Resident, Eastern North Philadelphia


Our name, Hope Partnership for Education, was born in response to this quote. When asked the name of our specific location, one of our neighbors responded, “We don’t have a name. Just call us the Community of Lost Hope.” This declaration fueled our desire to commit to this Community in a way that revealed the Face of Hope.

Some statistics:

  • While some 25% of Philadelphians live below the poverty level, more than 40% of people living in the Hope Partnership’s neighborhood are living below the poverty level.
  • While 79.4% of Philadelphians age 25 and older hold a high-school diploma, only 41.5% of students at the neighborhood high school were on track to graduate in 2011.
  • Students at the neighborhood elementary and middle school are performing below the school district average in both math and reading at the eighth-grade level.

Sources: U.S. 2010 Census Data, the University of Pennsylvania’s Cartographic Modeling Lab, and the School District of Philadelphia.