Who we are

Our Mission and Model

Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty through education in Eastern North Philadelphia.

We are a compassionate educational village that partners with families to provide children and adults with individualized learning opportunities in an urban setting.

We serve children, families, and individuals in Eastern North Philadelphia who live below the poverty level and have struggled in traditional educational settings.

We promise to:

  • Maximize each student’s potential through education.
  • Level the playing field for members of our community, both children and adults.
  • Address poverty in our community.
  • Offer opportunities and alternatives while being respectful and understanding of the social and economic challenges of the individuals we serve.

Hope Partnership was founded by members of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus and the Sisters of Mercy as part of their mission to serve people in need.

The Model for Hope

Hope Partnership for Education responds to the challenge of educating inner-city youth and adults from low-income families in Philadelphia through the provision of a unique, alternative model of education. Hope Partnership specifically targets at-risk students who would benefit from individualized instruction and a supportive learning environment.

Hope Partnership puts emphasis on:

  • Quality education with a focus on the academic, physical, social, moral, and spiritual development of students.
  • Helping students in their crucial middle school years.
  • Serving students of low-income urban families, who would not otherwise have access to such an individualized private education.
  • Not requiring tuition.
  • Small classes (no more than 15 students).
  • An extended school day and school year.
  • A strong involvement from both parents and community volunteers.
  • Supporting our graduates during their high school career.
  • Assisting the adults in our community who seek to improve upon their education levels.

Hospitality, compassion, joy, and hope are the values that support the work of Hope Partnership and provide the touchstone for students, staff, and supporters.

We believe that education plays a crucial role in bridging the economic divide, and in creating a pathway to self-sufficiency for the children and families we serve.