Offering “Virtual Hope”

Offering “Virtual Hope”

Many of you have been reading Stories of Hope since we began this practice seven years ago. Naturally, this edition is like no other.

Offering “Virtual Hope” is challenging, but necessary. Communication with our constituents is our first priority. The middle school staff is working diligently each day to deliver distance learning in the most personal way they can. The graduate support staff is negotiating ways to help our alumni tackle the assignments they’re receiving from a variety of high schools, as well as helping them to stay close to the Hope Community in the midst of trials and disappointments (we’re already thinking about how to celebrate our graduating seniors this summer.) The adult education staff, including our volunteers, are working to maintain the progress their students have made this year.

COVID-19 is impacting all of us. A number of people have asked if there is anything that we need right now. It is important that we focus on our message of, “Empowerment through Education.” What would best help us promote our mission amidst these times, would be helping to address our lack of decent technology, which has probably been our greatest challenge. Every student needs access to digital learning at home, which means technology and resources. One of the most essential prerequisites is a Chromebook, and not every student has this needed technology. If you’re interested in donating to this cause and supporting student’s ability to learn digitally, please use the donate button below or send a check to Hope Partnership specifying “technology fund” (our postal workers are definitely unsung heroes in this situation). Of course, we’ve already helped a few people with food and are trying our best to be vigilant about emergency situations.

Please read the adult education story which gives you a picture of both our triumphs and our challenges. We’ve also included some of our students’ writing, a source of Hope for us. Thank you for being part of this Community of Hope. You remain in our thoughts and prayers.

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