Eighth Graders Begin High School Application Process

Eighth Graders Begin High School Application Process

High School.

Just like “College,” this singular word is one that elicits angst, excitement, fear, frenzy, motivation and a surplus of other emotions and preparation.

Taylor, an 8th grader at Hope Partnership for Education, knows the importance of not only keeping up with her classwork, but also the responsibility and significant amount of effort required to apply to high school.

“Applying to high schools makes me nervous and excited at the same time. I think I am lucky, because at Hope, the Graduate Support Program has helped me through the high school application process. I am thankful to have them!”

In order for students to feel prepared in taking on the arduous high school application process, Hope takes its students to the Philadelphia High School Fair in Center City. “At the fair, we got to meet with high school admissions counselors to learn about their schools’ admissions requirements, extracurricular activities, and academics. The High School Fair was an amazing way for me to decide what high schools I wanted to apply to,” stated Taylor.

After determining which their preference of high schools, the 8th grade begins the rigorous application process. In order to provide 8th grade families assistance in navigating this lengthy and at times overwhelming process, the Graduate Support Program at Hope continues to step in.

Some of the services that this unique Graduate Support Program offers 8th graders and their families include high school entrance exam prep courses, mock high school interviews, and essay writing workshops. These services aide 8th grade families in making the high school application process less stressful and more manageable.

As of early January, Taylor has been accepted to Cristo Rey and The Revolution School. This is quite the accomplishment. Way to go Taylor!

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