Hot Chocolate, Cheers, and College Check-In

Hot Chocolate, Cheers, and College Check-In

December 16th was a busy night at Hope Partnership! The Graduate Support Program held a special event called “Hot Chocolate, Cheers, and College Check-In.” The event was held for our spectacular junior and senior aged Alumni from the Classes of 2016 and 2017. We got to sip hot chocolate, listen to holiday music, chat about college, and made a toast to the New Year!

This past summer, the Graduate Support Program hosted a “College Conference Bootcamp,” and we found that many students asked themselves:

  • “How do I choose a major?”
  • “Where should I attend college?”
  • “How will I pay for all of this?”

These are just some of the many questions high school students have about the college experience. All of these questions combined can make navigating the college process incredibly difficult, and for this reason, our Graduate Support Program wanted to continue to check in with our grads about the process.

Shyann – who is a senior at Science Leadership Academy – had a perfect description of the event. “The college application process is overwhelming,” she said. “Between deciding which school to attend and filling out FAFSA, I am very stressed. I’m happy that Graduate Support had the Hot Chocolate College Cheers event because I was able to get advice on how to decide which college will be the right fit for me! The Graduate Support team also said they will help me fill out my FAFSA, so I feel much better.” Shyann plans to major in biochemical engineering, and her top college choice is Bucknell University.

Hope is proud of all our alumni and we are incredibly excited to see what they accomplish in the future! Way to go #HopeAlumniCrew!

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