Adult Education Is Helping Learners Achieve Their Goals

Adult Education Is Helping Learners Achieve Their Goals

One of the things that makes Hope Partnership’s Adult Education program unique is that we take learners of all ages and levels. Many programs throughout the city focus almost exclusively on GED prep or workforce readiness, but that means learners with greater needs can be left behind. Here at Hope, our focus on “empowerment through education” means helping our students reach their goals, whatever that may be.

It’s never too late to reach your educational goals! Our youngest learner in Adult Education is 19, while our oldest is 72. Each one of our 24 different classes has students of a variety of ages, everyone bringing their different life experiences to the classroom.

While degrees are important, so is functional literacy. Even if some of our students never earn their diplomas – which we hope they will – they still are overjoyed to be able to balance a checkbook, interpret the charts accompanying a newspaper article, or read a bedtime story to their children or grandchildren without worrying about stumbling over the words. Before receiving any credential, they’ve already become happier and more engaged members of their community.

On Thursday afternoons, you can find three different sections of Beginning Literacy running, starting with the alphabet if necessary. In just one session, students can go from pencils shaking with nervousness as they write their letters, to clicking through our learning software with confidence. Learners can be heard exclaiming, “Well how about that!” or, “I got it!” after they correctly click on a pentagon when the computer asked them to or successfully sound out “incrementally” when they come across it in their textbooks.

As we roll into a new year and the resolutions that come with it, our adult learners remind us that every journey begins with a single step!

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