From the Desk of Adult Education: Teachers learning and learners teaching

From the Desk of Adult Education: Teachers learning and learners teaching

As I finish up my first session here in the Adult Education program, I’m constantly reminded how our work here not only benefits our students but is also rewarding for our teachers.

Rosemary, a new language arts teacher, says her students are working hard to draw interesting inferences about characters whose lives could not be more different from their own, and that they really “get it” at a gut level how literature can transport us. Yet the smile on Rosemary’s face shows how teachers are transported too by seeing literature through the eyes of their students.

Being a teacher doesn’t mean that we stop learning, either. During the switch between classes, when the Adult-Ed teachers cross paths with each other, it’s an opportunity for them to exchange notes and information about what their students are working on. Linda and Melissa’s classes have a standing snack break every Wednesday to catch up with each other and discusses the topics they’re teaching in their respective classes. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Even when I’ve had to substitute teach a math class – which is NOT my subject in the least – the students were cheering me on, telling me “You can do it!” We worked our way through how many pies we would need to feed our friends if they all ate multiple pieces, as a way of multiplying fractions. The perfect lesson as we approach Thanksgiving!

– Stephanie King, Director of Adult Education

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