The Annual FriendRaiser is Happening Soon!

The Annual FriendRaiser is Happening Soon!

If you thought that Hope’s Annual FriendRaiser always takes place in November, you are in for a SHOCK! This year, Hope is celebrating its 13th FriendRaiser on Friday, OCTOBER 25th! Join us from 6:00pm-10:00pm at Springfield Country Club for an evening that has become such a special tradition in Hope’s history.

For those who attended last years’ event, “Hope Around the World,” you will be delighted to hear that our auctioneer, Harris Gubin, will be returning! Get ready to be thoroughly entertained as Harris takes us on a journey through the live auction and scholarship drive. You won’t want to miss it! Maybe you saw last year’s France trip or Eagles experience, but you weren’t fortunate enough to be that one lucky winner. Well, this year is your year! Come prepared and look out for our new items that you will be sure to love.

Does all this bring you back to last year, and now you are thinking about all those “are you smarter than a Hope student” questions? Don’t worry, we are bringing it back this year as well! This year, with the FriendRaiser being titled, “The Language of Hope,” our questions will be centered on the theme of language and literature. When we said come prepared, we meant come prepared for everything!

Make sure you buy your tickets, bring your mobile phones, turn your literature brains on and get ready to make some Hope history!

We Hope to see you all there!

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