One Word, A Lot of Feelings: College

One Word, A Lot of Feelings: College

This one, single word can bring up a multitude of emotions for high school students. Simply hearing the word “college” can cause students feelings of excitement and anticipation for new opportunities, while students simultaneously experience stress and anxiety for the unknown future.

Many students find themselves asking: “how do I choose a major?” “where should I attend college?” and “how will I pay for all of this?” These are just some of the many questions high school students have about the college experience. Combined, these questions can make navigating the college process incredibly difficult. As Hope Partnership continues to grow, so does their Graduate Support Program, as does the confusion and strain of the application process. For this reason, Hope’s Graduate Support Program held our first annual College Conference this summer! The conference, which took place during the last week of August, was offered to junior and senior high school aged alumni.

This year’s College Conference placed an emphasis on selecting a college major, as well as researching schools to which students anticipated applying. During the week, students also heard from various guests speaking on their personal college journey and offering their own tips and expertise. Additionally, students toured Community College of Philadelphia and Temple University. The tours were a huge hit among the Hope alumni, as it was the first time for many to truly visit a school.

Students also gained financial literacy skills and learned how to navigate the FAFSA. Dre’ana, a high school senior stated, “I am so happy that we learned about FAFSA. I’m relieved because now I understand the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized loans!”

Our First Annual College Conference was a huge success. The Graduate Support program looks forward to offering this program each summer to its alumni!

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