The First Lee Casper Scholarship Is a Reflection of Joy & Hope

The First Lee Casper Scholarship Is a Reflection of Joy & Hope

One of the greatest joys of these past 17 years has been meeting so many people who want to be connected to Hope Partnership. At Hope’s recent eighth grade graduation, it felt like we had come full circle with this kind of joy. We presented the first Lee Casper Scholarship to Qaasim Major. This scholarship for $5,000 a year for the four years of high school will be awarded again in 2022.

This remembrance of Lee, provided through the generosity of his family, keeps alive the spirit of this wonderful man. Lee loved to read, learn, and think; he was curious about everything. He loved nature, building things, and his friends and family. He believed in democracy and creating a more just world, with equal opportunities for all. He had many careers, including submarine electrician in World War II, farmer, spice manufacturer, and builder. He also painted; played the trumpet (though not particularly well); built and sailed beautiful wooden boats; hiked; played tennis, A LOT; and volunteered throughout his life, including with Hope Partnership. Lee took pride in his volunteer work with our community.

Lee passed away at 90 years of age in 2016. Those of us who knew and loved him couldn’t imagine a world without Lee. His children thought about things a little differently. They knew that there were students at Hope Partnership who could be the same kind of wonderful person that Lee was. They wanted to encourage young people to have the same zest for life as their father did and to hold on to the values that he lived – values like integrity, curiosity, inclusivity, and a sense of social justice.

This gift is a perfect reflection of the spirit of Hope!

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