A Tribute to Hard, Dirty, and Inconvenient

A Tribute to Hard, Dirty, and Inconvenient

Most of you who are reading this e-newsletter know that the work of Hope is hardly a solitary endeavor. Creating, enriching, and sustaining Hope happens on many levels. Obviously, the dedicated work of our faculty and staff is foundational to this venture. Those involved in board and committee work both challenge and support the vision and mission. Less evident – but no less important – is the work of a variety of volunteers.

When I hear the word “volunteer” I automatically think of the team at PerformRx, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AmeriHealth Caritas. This wonderful group of employees – known as Care Crew, AmeriHealth Caritas’ Associate Volunteer Program – has been coming to Hope Partnership for the past three years. A “you can count on us” type of group, these folks act as if no task is too hard, too dirty, and too inconvenient. What a delight to welcome them!

This year, PerformRx employees conquered the entire outside perimeter of Hope, including the back lot, which required significant pruning of tree limbs and lots of very messy clean-up. They always exceed my expectations, make light of what they’re doing, and act as if we’re doing them a favor.

If you’ve never been responsible for a non-profit, you might not appreciate this tribute.

If you ever have been responsible, you know exactly what I’m talking about. They are priceless!

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