The Spirit of Hope

The Spirit of Hope

From March 18th – 22nd, classrooms and halls of our school were filled with the spirit of joy, reflection and generosity.  Our annual Spirit Week theme this year was Social Justice.  Each grade chose an issue close to their hearts to learn more about.  Topics included gun control, clean water, immigration and the environment.  Students framed their doors with fast facts, pictures and artwork to help our school community understand the issues they researched and to get suggestions about the types of things they could do to fight for social justice.

If you happen to come to Hope in the next few weeks, you can read posters lining the walls that tell you all about social justice warriors who have used their talents to make life better for people in their communities.  Middle schoolers also participated in a week of fun and engaging activities that included a Mathathon, a Superhero Dress-Down day, a Readathon, a Principal’s lunch with the school’s top readers and a Music Mania Dance contest. A two-day Bake Sale raised $87, which will be donated to a social justice cause chosen by Hope’s Student Council.

Budding authors wrote essays about social justice heroes they admired in the United States and around the world.  One 5th grader’s essay on Henry “Box” Brown told readers, “he was brave because he got carried in a box with a small bottle of water and a small cut in the box to give him some air.  He was carried by a variety of things like wagons, steamboats and ferries with only one small biscuit to eat.”

On the fourth day of Spirit Week, Middle schoolers got a chance to put on their creative hats for a cupcake decorating contest.  Winning designs included a boat and a Mickey Mouse face.  After some serious fun, we celebrated our academic success in an awards’ assembly.  Thirty-four percent of students received 2nd trimester honors, the highest percentage in the history of the school.

Spirit Week activities ended with Hope’s 4th Annual Career Day.  Representatives from a variety of businesses/organizations (i.e. Abington Memorial Hospital, St. Margaret’s Parish, Port of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Police Department, Delta Airlines, US Navy, Sheet Metal Workers Union) came to talk with Hope students about their jobs or businesses.  Thanks to all who took time out of their day to share their stories and share the spirit of Hope.

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