Fifth Graders Use Reading to Have Meaningful Conversations

Fifth Graders Use Reading to Have Meaningful Conversations

The fifth graders at Hope Partnership for Education take their reading very seriously. Each afternoon, the fifth graders invite a guest reader into their classroom to share a story.  This February, Miss Sarah Fox, the Graduate Support Program Associate, had the pleasure of reading to the fifth grade.

Miss Sarah read a book titled, “What’s Wrong with Timmy?” by Maria Shriver.   The book is about a young boy named Timmy who befriends a girl named Kate.  The pair bond over playing a fun game of basketball.  Although Kate and Timmy are having a lot of fun, Kate notices that something is ‘wrong’ with Timmy.

Kate went home that night and asked her Mom, “What’s Wrong with Timmy?” Kate’s Mom tells her that Timmy has something called down syndrome. She also tells Kate that down syndrome does not stop Timmy from being a normal kid.

The students loved the story! After finishing the book, Miss Sarah and the fifth graders had a conversation about how some people treat others with disabilities.  One student mentioned that it upsets her when she hears people with disabilities being called hurtful names.

To conclude the conversation, the fifth grade stated that people with disabilities are still regular people. They should not be treated differently.  One fifth grader summed it up perfectly, “Even though people with disabilities are different than I am, they’re still our friends!”

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