The Importance of Arts Education

The Importance of Arts Education

“Before a child talks, they sing. Before they write they draw. As soon as they stand, they dance.” Phylicia Rashad

At Hope, we understand the importance of arts in education. We know the arts add depth to a young person’s world and gives them the opportunity to explore interests and express creative talents. But did you know that arts education also helps middle schoolers strengthen reading, writing, and basic math skills?

When students play music it involves multiple parts of the brain; they are actively decoding information in real time just like when they’re reading. Rhythms are basically math patterns and fractions. Students at Hope also use the arts to deepen visual perspective and to study cultural and political history. Artists are purveyors of culture that reflect what the values are of a community and provide social critique that make people think more deeply about the world around them. Art is not just inspiring, it can be innovative and sometimes even disruptive.

Arts education can take students out of their comfort zones, pushing them to become familiar with information from different eras that help them see connections between the past and present. Art and music instruction at Hope helps students develop unique perspectives, fosters personal creativity, and promotes diversity of thought. On top of all of this, art education makes life fun! Remember to make time for the arts in your life and add more joy and range to your world.

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