Can You Help Fund Hope Through EITC/OSTC?

Can You Help Fund Hope Through EITC/OSTC?

Most of our readers realize that Hope Partnership for Education is unique in many ways. We are an education center and offer three programs; a state licensed middle school consisting of grades five through eight; a graduate support program, which follows our alums through high school graduation and into college or a living-wage job; and we also host an adult education program.

Another unique feature is the way in which Hope is funded. Many of you are donors and realize that we depend on your generosity. The students’ families and adult learners also make a family contribution, according to their means. Our traditional FriendRaiser provides at least a tenth of our yearly income and we also work hard to procure grant funding.

What you might not know about is our participation in EITC/OSTC, the state of Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit. If you own a business and pay state taxes, you can apply for participation in this program. It makes such a difference to our middle school students and allows us to assist our alumni who attend private or Archdiocesan high schools. If you are interested, please call or email Alex Hansen at 215-232-5410 (Ext.104) or Join this wonderful group, listed on our website who faithfully contribute EITC/OSTC dollars to Hope. Click Here to Learn More!

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