Gratitude and Grace at Thanksgiving

Gratitude and Grace at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a special time of the year to think about those people in our lives we are grateful for. Hope students celebrated this important holiday by eating delicious pie with their lunch, and writing gratitude “turkey” grams to those they love. Below are some of the people/things our middle schoolers are thankful for:

My parents – “They are always with me.”

The internet – “I can keep in touch with my friends.”

My mom and dad – “they work hard to give me a better future.”

My brother – “I love him a lot and he is super funny.”

My family – “You are the people who most matter to me and who are always on my side.”

Ms. Holiday – “She helps me with high school. She’s also is a good person to talk to.”

Each day – “I am thankful for waking up every day and for everything, (my mom, school, teachers and my family and friends).”

Worship – “I am thankful for God.”

All of us at Hope are thankful for the generous donors whose heartfelt gifts continue to make our school days possible!

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