Graduate Support Update for Fall ’18!

Graduate Support Update for Fall ’18!

Happy fall from Hope’s Graduate Support Program! High school placement season is in full swing in the city, and our eighth-grade students have been busy writing their high school essays and picking their top 10 list of high schools! On September 28th, Ms. Holiday and Ms. Fox took the eighth-grade class to the Philadelphia High School Fair downtown. The Class of 2019 caught the bus from Hope and headed over to Reading Terminal Market for a quick bite to eat before heading into the fair. In Reading Terminal, our students stopped at several stands for some delicious food. They ate mouthwatering soft pretzels from Miller’s Twist and drank freshly squeezed lemonade from the Lancaster Dairy Company. Lastly, Hope hit the Mueller’s Chocolate stand for a special sweet treat!

After eating our tasty goodies, the group headed over to the Pennsylvania Convention Center for the High School Fair. The students spent the afternoon at the fair learning about various Philadelphia private, parochial, and public high schools. Hope students were able to ask current high school students what they like about their high school, as well as talk to admissions cunselors about what is required to attend a specific school. “I really liked learning about all of the different schools at the High School Fair,” said Yasir W. “The fair helped me figure out what high schools I would like to attend next year.”

Hope is incredibly proud of our eighth-grade class. Ms. Holiday and Ms. Fox received numerous compliments about our student’s engagement at the fair. Several admissions counselors stated that our students were incredibly polite and kind. One person even said that our class was the best group of eighth graders he had seen that day! All in all, the eighth graders had a great day spent at the Reading Terminal and the High School Fair. We’re extremely excited to see where there decide to attend in the fall of 2019!

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