A Mighty Good Time Was Had By All

A Mighty Good Time Was Had By All

By Brenda Ridley, Admissions Coordinator

On Saturday, September 27, in the park across from the Franklin Institute on Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Hope Partnership Middle School joined more than 20 organizations in hosting activity booths at Philadelphia’s first annual MightyFest. A three-day event open to children and families citywide, MightyFest was billed as a celebration of reading and writing sponsored by MightyWriters, whose mission is to help kids think and write with clarity. MightyWriters works with over 3,000 kids per year at seven neighborhood locations around Philadelphia and Camden.

The organization’s first major event to showcase its work and the work of its partners on a grand scale, MightyFest featured a children’s literacy carnival with food trucks, music, science experiments, author readings, stories acted from the stage, a photo booth, and literacy-focused activities for kids. At Hope’s booth, kids were challenged to write a story in five minutes using a character, location, and action chosen at random from three labeled boxes. After completing a story from beginning to end, the writer read his or her story aloud to the table’s staffers–Nakeya Williams, Class of 2017, and Hope’s admissions coordinator, Brenda Ridley–who selected the best stories for improv acting on the stage. A highlight of the day was an appearance by the Phillie Phanatic, whose antics brought smiles to everyone’s faces. MightyFest offered a day of fun for the Middle School’s representatives and a great opportunity to talk with families about the school.

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