First Annual Career Awareness Week

First Annual Career Awareness Week

“I am looking forward to coming again and maybe even working there as an intern when I am 18 years old!” This was a common sentence from our students’ thank you letters to the four companies that participated in Career Awareness Week.

During the week of May 22, our fifth, sixth and seventh graders took day long field trips to Wellshire Farms, Omni Cable, NFP and ThermOmegaTech to experience life in an office and learn about the various departments needed to run the day-to-day operations of a successful business.

Our 7th graders enjoyed their trip to Wellshire Farms. They spoke with the Food Scientist on site about his new food inventions and were able to taste test Wellshire’s product compared to the competitors. Students were also able to apply their science classroom work to real life experiences during a discussion on sustainability, solar panel energy, and composting in the workplace.

Hope’s 6th graders split up into two groups and made their way to ThermOmegaTech and NFP. The students at ThermOmegaTech learned all about the world of manufacturing. They spent a good amount of time in the warehouse and were able to make personalized key chains with the company’s machines! For lunch, the students enjoyed a delicious BBQ/Mac N Cheese meal made by their Marketing Director, Mr. Bob, and his wife. The second group of 6th graders equally enjoyed their trip to NFP. The students had the opportunity to go behind the scenes in the business of health insurance and benefits. NFP staff members also gave our students a life lesson on how to greet people with a firm handshake and how to answer the phone properly. The group left with a whole goody bag of giveaways, including Fitbits for each student!

Our final trip was with the 5th graders to Omni Cable. They enjoyed every part from betting on the sales performance for the month of May, to playing ping pong at lunch with the Omni staff, to riding in the forklift at the warehouse. A member of Hope’s Board and CFO of Omni, Steve Glinski participated in the day speaking to the students about Finance and conducting mock interviews in the conference room. The Omni staff as a whole brought their sense of humor to work, which was needed for the numerous jokes our 5th grader, Nahmir, had to tell.

Hope’s first Career Awareness Week was a success to say the least. The students walked away with a sense of understanding of what it takes to work in an office setting, and an excitement to begin their personal career journey. It was wonderful to give such long-time supporters of Hope a chance to interact with our students on a personal level. We are eager to continue this initiative next year!

We cannot say thank you enough to our Career Week partners – Wellshire Farms, Omni Cable, NFP and ThermOmegaTech. Your support, over the years and on this project in particular, is one of the reasons our students are becoming such successful, talented young adults.

Is your company interested in participating in Career Awareness Week next year? Contact Samantha Hall, Director of Development, for more information –

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