Graduate Support…the place to be!

Graduate Support…the place to be!

One of the truly unique components of Hope Partnership for Education is the Graduate Support Program. Here is a glimpse of what that program includes during these Fall months.

Hallahan_VisitOur Graduate Support Director, Brittany Holiday, is setting up and hosting visits by local high schools. Our 7th and 8th graders have already attended presentations by Roman Catholic and John W. Hallahan Catholic High School.

Ms. Holiday is also meeting with eighth grade parents to assist them with the high school application process. She is visiting with Counselors and Admission Directors to check on how our Hope Graduates are transitioning into their new schools.

We’re noticing quite a few alums returning to Hope to fulfill their service-learning requirements in high school. Add to this the frequent visits, particularly by our ninth graders seeking homework help and by our older alums seeking help with college applications and you can imagine that the Graduate Support area is the place to be!

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